What are the advantages of organic cosmetic?


What are the advantages of organic cosmetic?It is skin friendly

Thanks to its natural ingredients and the strict certification control, the organic cosmetic is suitable for even the most sensitive and pretentious skin. It does not have the common side effects (redness, itching, rashes, etc.) accompanying the use of traditional cosmetic products.

It is completely harmless

Although the skin is the protective shell of our bodies, it cannot provide complete safety. More and more medical researches confirm that more than 50% of the ingredients in the cosmetic products that we use penetrate unobstructedly through the skin and accumulate in the body. Being more penetrable, and also the most frequently treated, the skin of the face and the underarms is the main gateway through which the piles of chemicals enter the bloodstream. Some of them, disguised as safe beautifying substances, distort the hormonal balance, while others could even lead to malignant transformations. Probably, if ingested, these substances would not be so dangerous, but passed directly into the blood through the cosmetic products for "external" application, they do not face the powerful resistance of the kidneys and the liver. Everything said so far makes it clear that our own mindset and preference for pure organic cosmetic is the only thing that can build an effective barrier against harmful substances.

It has a long lasting effect

"Good things come to those who wait." This proverb is particularly true for the positive result of using organic cosmetic products. Although it occurs more slowly, compared to the instant "wow" effect of conventional cosmetics, it lasts much longer, and does not provoke unpleasant side effects, too.

It contains ingredients from “living” plants

Only completely natural ingredients are used in the making of organic cosmetic, most of which are a product of organic farming. Grown on uncontaminated soil, without the use of fertilizer, hazardous plant protection chemicals and genetic modifications, the plants contained in the final organic products are much richer in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc, all of them extremely valuable for the skin. The abundance of these nutrients is assured by the fact that the plants undergo processing as little as possible.

It is Earth friendly

Organic cosmetic not only preserve the health of its consumers, but the ecological balance, as well, which is crucial for the entire life on the planet. Only raw materials from renewable resources are used in the production of organic cosmetics. During the cultivation and processing of these materials, no harmful chemicals polluting the water, the air or the soil are used. The philosophy of organic cosmetics rejects cruelty on animals and do not use them for laboratory tests. The packagings of the products, on the other hand, are made of fully recyclable materials.

All of these advantages of organic cosmetics are incorporated in the series of 16 superior products of Lexira. 100% natural, embraced by the enchanting fragrance of Bulgarian rose oil, they provide a complete care for face and body. Inside the luxurious, but created with care for the environment, packagings of Lexira, you will never find any trace of parabens and other artificial preservatives, silicones, coloring agents, polyethylene glycol, sulphates, mineral oils or perfumes. Instead, your senses will be gratified by precious extracts of algae, jojoba, shea, argan and many other plants, among which, of course, the world-famous Rosa Damascena. Being subjected to numerous clinical trials (without the abuse of animals), the Lexira products guarantee high quality and efficiency, accompanied by complete safety.


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