Our story

Lexira - our storyLEXIRA is a luxury organic skin care brand based on pure Bulgarian rose oil, grown organically in the Valley of Roses.

Located in a remote and quiet area in central Bulgaria, surrounded by endless evergreen mountains and towering peaks, at the foot of Bulgaria’s largest mountain chain lies a small, sunny and fertile valley. There is something about the air, soil and climate in this magical place that stimulates natural synthesis of highest quality rose oil. Known around the world as the Valley of Roses, at the end of spring the air fills with the sweet fragrance of rose as the new harvest is collected. This is the home of Bulgarian rose. This fragrant valley is known for its exceptional quality rose oil which excels in both fragrance and natural concentration of bioactive compounds.

Over the centuries Bulgarian rose oil has been used to restore and revive the skin and soul. With precious properties and rich in bioactive compounds, it hydrates and soothes while its proven antiseptic effect helps restore and revive your skin. It increases the permeability of skin, thus enabling better absorption and retention of moisture. Apart from its scientific properties the gentle fragrance of roses stimulates the senses, relaxes the mind and evokes feeling of joy and happiness.

LEXIRA offers a complete range of organic products for face and body. All the products are hand-made in our own in-house laboratory using only highest grade natural oils and butters. They are carefully formulated and hand crafted to exceed even the most demanding and refined taste for luxury cosmetics.

LEXIRA is the result of a successful collaboration between Salon Experts ltd, a London based startup and Aroma PLC, the biggest Bulgarian cosmetics manufacturer. LEXIRA concept was born and formulated by leading skin care experts and is manufactured by hand in the most modern laboratory in Bulgaria under full GMP and BRC compliance.

We are committed to provide effective natural care using only highest quality natural ingredients.